Call to Submission

Children’s First: Journal on Children’s Lives invites submissions for its first ever issue set to be launched in June 2021. The theme of the first issue is ‘Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on lives of children’

Submission Form: Click here

The Journal invites the following on different domains related to children including but not limited to education, health (pregnancy care, immunisation, nutrition), protection (including violence against children child labor, child marriage, trafficking, children in conflict with law, safety issues, alternative care) , disability issues, agency and participation, and adolescent issues:

  1. 1-Original research, explicitly or implicitly related to children’s rights. Word Limit: 4000 words.

  2. 2-Good practices of implementation of policies, schemes, legislations; programmes, implementation mechanisms; administration, access to justice system. Word Limit: 2000 Words.

  3. 3-Voices from the Field: These would include submissions which discuss operational challenges, learnings and experiences of practitioners from the field working in the domain of child rights.  Word Limit: 2500 Words.

  4. 4-Critique and commentary on various policies, schemes, legislations, programmes, implementation mechanisms; administration, access to justice system, and analysis of relevant court’s judgments, etc which directly or indirectly affect children’s rights and lives. Word Limit: 2000 Words.

  5. 5-Reviews of any existing or recently published books in the field of child rights. Word Limit: 750 Words.

In case of any queries, the team can be contacted at: 

Please find the detailed guidelines for submission here.

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