Child Right Fellowship

Child Rights Fellowship is a strategic collaboration between DCPCR and Ashoka University to engage young professionals in improving and supporting the agenda of Child Rights and Welfare in Delhi while driving mass impact on the ground.

Offered as a one-year experiential learning fellowship by Ashoka University, 5 young professionals work closely with DCPCR and relevant government stakeholders to de-bottleneck implementation challenges and drive accountability and efficiency in the domain of child rights.

The fellows are guided by a robust support system through a Program Management Unit (PMU) which includes a Manager and two Deputy Managers.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Child Rights Fellow: :

The Child Rights Fellows perform the following functions:

  1. a. Improve and monitor implementation of schemes & programmes of DCPCR
  2. b. Introduce innovative solutions to address predefined challenges in the form of projects. Currently 5 projects have been identified; each fellow shall be responsible for end to end implementation of their project.
  3. c. Conduct stakeholder consultations and capacity building sessions on thematic focus areas
  4. d. Draft policy briefs and position papers on thematic focus areas
  5. e. Perform data analytics to assist the DCPCR to make evidence-based decisions

The First Cohort of Child Rights Fellowship (CRF) has commenced with 5 fellows from March 2021 and shall continue till March 2022.

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