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30.06.21 Three months of DCPCR Helpline and progress made thus far

In the first week of April, DCPCR launched an all day functional helpline (9311551393) for citizens to report any case or seek any information pertaining to the rights of Child Rights.

Helpline has now completed three months of operation. DCPCR received nearly 4500 complaints from April to June 2021. Of these, 2200 were SOS complaints requiring immediate attention. 85% of the SOS complaints responded within 24 hours, and 15% within 72 hours.

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14.04.21 DCPCR has facilitated rescue operations of 331 children labours in the year 2020-21        

DCPCR has facilitated rescue operations of 331 children labours in the year 2020-21 compared to 202 children in preceding 3 years in total, an increase of nearly 490% displaying DCPCR’s renewed commitment to eliminating child labour from Delhi

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08.03.21 DCPCR Organises 2 Day Training Workshop for CWC JJB and DCPO       

Delhi Commission For Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) organised the second round of the training programme for Child Welfare Committees (CWC), Juvenile Justice Boards (JJB) and District Child Protection Officers (DCPO) on 6-7th March 2021.

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21.02.2021 DCPCR Rescues 11 Child labourers from Alipur Area of North Delhi

A raid and rescue operation was conducted in 7 places on 19.02.2021 under the jurisdiction of Police Station- Samaypur Badli and 11 children have been rescued from their work station. These children were working in hazardous conditions as bonded labour in bakery units, kharat machine units and auto centre units of the Alipur area of North Delhi District. One child was rescued from a residential place where he was working as a domestic worker. The rescued children were exposed to all kinds of physical and mental trauma, especially in the times of a Covid pandemic.

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05.02.2021 DCPCR Launches #abpatachalnedo Campaign to Spread Awareness About Menstrual Hygiene and end Taboo Associated with Menstruation

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights launched a week-long Digital Campaign ‘Ab Pata Chal Jaane Do’ to shed the ‘guilt and ‘shame’ associated with menstruation, causing trauma, ignored health issues and misdiagnosis for girls. This campaign aims to raise awareness on menstruation, break stereotypes and promote menstrual hygiene.

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20.01.2021 The DCPCR survey established that 85% of the beneficiaries have received their nutritional supplements under THR scheme

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) conducted a Rapid Response Survey to examine the status of distribution of Dry Ration from Anganwadis to the entitled beneficiaries i.e, pregnant women, lactating mothers and children below 6 years of age .

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18.01.2021; DCPCR disposed of 1445 cases during last quarter (Oct-Dec, 2020), the highest since it has been constituted.

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights has disposed off 1445 cases during the last quarter, i.e. from October to December, 2020. It is nearly 1224% times the earlier average disposal rate and the highest since it has been constituted. In the earlier quarter i.e., July to September 2020, the Commission disposed off 432 cases.

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Child Labour Division- 31.12.2020 DCPCR reached out to Chairpersons District Development Committees MLAs for cooperation on eradication of child labour

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has reached out to Chairpersons, District Development Committees/Member of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) seeking support and cooperation in boosting the efforts being made by the Commission to make Delhi ‘Child Labour-Free’ by 2023.

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19.12.2020: DCPCR launched 'Child Rights Fellowship' in collaboration with Ashoka University to Engage Young Professionals in Strengthening Child Rights.

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR), Govt. of NCT of Delhi, in collaboration with Ashoka University, is launching a ‘Child Rights Fellowship’ to engage young professionals in public governance and strengthen the cause of children.

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12.11.2020: DCPCR held its first meeting Advisory board of 'Journal of Child Rights'

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights held the first meeting of the Advisory Board Meeting of ‘Journal of Child Rights’, launched recently with an aim to provide a platform to practitioners, researchers, academicians, and field workers involved in enabling child rights and improving their lives in various capacities and thus, find answers to challenges to child rights, globally.

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RTE Division 02.11.2020: DCPCR complete Orientation of members of SMC Cell

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights completed its two-part orientation session of members of the School Management Committee (SMC) Cell, an initiative, which aims to further decentralize management of government schools by enhancing community participation and parent involvement

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23.10.2020 DCPCR launched Journal of Child Rights

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) is launching a half-yearly ‘International Journal of Child Rights’ which is critical to deepening the discourse on the subject of rights of children across the globe Hon'ble Justice Madan Lokur (Retired Justice, Supreme Court of India), Ms. Sujatha K Rao (Former Union Health Secretary), Mr. Gyanendra Badgaiyan (Senior Fellow, IDFC/Former IAS/Former Chief Economist UN University) and Ms. Enakshi Ganguly (Founder, HAQ: Centre for Child Rights/Expert-JJ/POCSO) has agreed to be the Advisory Panel of the Journal

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