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National Conference on the 10th Anniversary of the Commission on the theme of Education:  Read More

To mark the 10th year of service to the children, the Commission organised a national conference on 29. 07. 2018, bringing different stakeholders to share and showcase their best practices on the themes of social inclusion in schools and classrooms, particularly with regard to the integration of children belonging to socially and economically weaker sections in private schools, fostering discipline in schools to positively influence the behaviours of children without resorting to physical or mental violence of any kind, engaging the parents in the schools’ functioning and bridging learning deficit by sharing issues, observations, and innovations to bridge this gap.

The conference had participation from 4 different states and nearly 10 civil society organisations. It was attended by more than 40 education officials of municipal and state government along with nearly 40 civil society organisations.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Round table Conference on POCSO Act       Read More

DCPCR in partnership with the NGO - Save the Children, India organised a One-day Round Table Conference on Child Sexual abuse wherein Save the Children presented the findings of exploratory research. This conference was organised on 27.08.2019 to understand the spatial dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse cases in Delhi, the hierarchy of vulnerable locations, and preventive actions to collectively address the issue with all the concerned stakeholders.

This consultation witnessed the presence of stakeholders across the various fields such as Civil Society Organisations, Lawyers, Members of DLSA, Public Prosecutors, Childline, Child Welfare Committee, Special Juvenile Police Unit members, teachers, and other organisations came under one roof to discuss how to make Delhi a safe city for children.
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