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The children of India have constitutional and legal rights for their care, protection, treatment, development, protection, rehabilitation, and re-integration. These rights are violated when children are subjected to abuse, exploitation, and violence. The Commission has been monitoring all cases of missing children brought before it by Delhi Police as per the Directions of Hon’ble Delhi High Court and take cognizance on the complaints received through email, social media/WhatsApp/print media. The Commission also take Suo-moto cognizance in matters relating to missing or kidnapped children, inquires such matters and recommends appropriate proceedings such matters.

The role of the Commission assumes great significance considering the fact that more than 6000 children go missing in the state of Delhi every year. In the last one year, the Commission has issued notices to Delhi Police in 4798 FIR lodged wherein children were reported missing. Out of these cases of missing children, 1541 children have already been traced by June 2021. Also, 33 of these children traced were found to be survivors of sexual abuse, and hence are being provided help / support by the Commission with respect to legal, healthcare, education, financial, psychological and other required matters directly or in collaboration with the other stake holders and state institutions.

Missing Children Unit is also responsible for taking preventive measures to curb children from going missing and tracking / monitoring diligently the process for finding them.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Missing Children Unit shall include but shall not be limited to the following: -

  • To ensure the implementation of Rule 92 under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Model Rules, 2016 which lays out clear regulations on the Transaction of Business of the Steering Committee of the Authority.
  • To work in close coordination with various stakeholders, Police Authority, AHTU, CWC, DCPU, CHILDLINE, Railways and families to monitor and review the implementation of the SOPs and Standing Order (SO) prepared by the Delhi Police and other agencies.
  • To take cognizance on the complaints received through email, social media/WhatsApp/print media and to take Suo-moto cognizance of matters relating to missing or kidnapped children as well as inquire and recommend initiation of proceedings into all complaints received by the Commission in such respect.
  • To review the FIRs in respect of missing/kidnapped children.
  • To collate data in respect of cases received/disposed of with regard to missing/kidnapped children.
  • To identify hotspots across Delhi wherein the instances of missing children cases are the most frequent and take active steps to create a safer environment for children in the respective locations.
  • To examine, review and recommend measures for effective implementation of the safeguards kept in place to curb the menace of missing or kidnapped children.
  • To undertake and promote research related to missing or kidnapped children.
  • To promote public awareness among various sections of the society on Children’s Rights in respect of missing or kidnapped children through print media (newspapers, newsletters etc.), broadcast media (television. radio etc.) and social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).
  • To organize programs, workshops, seminars, consultations etc. on various complex and emerging issues on missing or kidnapped children.
  • To examine bills, rules regulations related to missing or kidnapped children and make recommendations to the Government.
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