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Ms Ranjana Prasad, Member DCPCR
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Ms Ranjana Prasad is in her second tenure as a Member of the Commission. During her first tenure, she has worked extensively in spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene and the importance of nutrition in children. She headed various projects in enabling children and their families from vulnerable social groups to access basic hygiene and health.

To understand the condition of malnourished children in Delhi and analyse the state of medical facilities available to them through Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, all NRCs in NCT of Delhi were surveyed and their shortcomings were highlighted and improved upon.

Taking note of the poor dental hygiene condition of children, she launched dental habits and hygiene campaign “Bright Smile, Bright Future”, under which over seven lakhs children from 900 schools across Delhi were given dental kits and the habit of maintaining dental hygiene was inculcated in them by explaining the effective way of brushing their teeth. This campaign will eventually cover every child of Delhi under the age of 8 years.

Amongst the various research studies she steered, the most notable ones that she supervised are “Study on the Effectiveness of ICDS Projects in East and North-East Delhi” and “Basic Hygiene Campaign for Primary School Children”.

Ms Prasad became the face of hope for hundreds of children and their families who were affected in the Delhi riots of February 2020. Through her initiative, children were successfully rehabilitated and their physical and mental well-being was ensured, along with a minimum loss to their academics.

When the country was in an unprecedented lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms Prasad undertook the responsibility of ensuring that no child in Delhi remains deprived of basic nutrition. For this, she launched the “Delhi Against Malnutrition” Campaign under which she brought together various CSOs and coordinated the distribution of Nutrition and Hygiene packets across Delhi.

With a postgraduate degree in Political Science, she has experience of over two decades in various fields of child rights, education and health. Her work has led her to play a very active role in the School Management Committees of Delhi Government Schools. She has worked with SMCs extensively and organised Reading Melas across several localities of Delhi. Prior to joining the Commission, she was the Administrator of Gautam Modern School, Mayur Vihar. Her roles included the professional development of teachers, enabling parents’ involvement in building systems and processes in the schools facilitated the academic and emotional development of students. She is also a Founder Member of Sachhi Saheli, a not-for-profit organisation working on menstrual hygiene issues in adolescent girls. She has personally organised dozens of sessions and trained several young girls for undertaking these sessions in nearly 70 government schools.

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Ms Nidhi Dwivedi, Member DCPCR
Prior to joining the Commission, Ms Dwivedi has been an active social worker for over 8 years. Having served as a Member of the Child Welfare Committee, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi she holds first-hand experience in working with children in need of care and protection. She has looked after cases of child labour, children of incarcerated parents, missing child, drug abuse, begging, child trafficking and child sexual abuse. During her tenure in CWC, she has conducted inspections of Child Care Institutions and organise programmes for children residing there. She has a knack for connecting with children and establishing a bond with them, which in turn has made her close with the children residing at CCIs. In addition, her focus has always remained upon ensuring the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of child sexual abuse.

She has also played an active role as a member of the Family Welfare Committee, constituted by the Supreme Court of India in 2017, to examine cases under section 498A, especially related to domestic violence. She also has experience of working with different non-profit organisations working in the field of Child Rights. She truly believes in bringing positive change in the lives of the children by rehabilitating them from vulnerable conditions and strengthening the system. She also holds a postgraduate degree in Environmental Science.

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Sh. Neeraj Kumar Pandey, Member DCPCR

Sh. Nitin Tyagi, Member DCPCR

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