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Region-Wise Stakeholders Collaborative Forums

The Commission in Financial Year 2020-21 has initiated a Regional Forum Meeting for facilitating better coordination, sharing of best practices, and resolution of grievances amongst different stakeholders for effective implementation of safeguards provided under various laws in force for the protection of child rights. The regional forum includes Child Welfare Committees (CWCs), Sub-Divisional Magistrates (SDMs), Childline, District Child Protection Units, District Medical Superintendents, Special Juvenile Police Units, District Education Officers/Deputy Directors, Education and Deputy Labour Commissioner, Labour Departments.

The forum meets either bimonthly or quarterly to deliberate on key matters like brainstorming potential solutions on the process of identification and rehabilitation of absentee students possibly at the risk of child labour, timely disbursement of compensation for victims of child sexual abuse, and disbursement of financial entitlement of children in shelter homes for their education. The forum has also discussed challenges including lack of standardization of Medico-Legal Performas (MLCs) which are a critical tool of investigation in POCSO cases, and the need to undertake regular District Task Force Meetings to ensure that the commitment to eliminate child labour comes to fruition soon.

The idea behind convening a stakeholders forum meeting is to understand the issues which various stakeholders are facing and collectively work towards improving the situation by seeking cooperation from all. In Financial Year 2020-21 8 meetings of regional forums have been successfully conducted.