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Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights as and when required constitutes Expert Committees to seek expert opinion/advice on issues pertaining to the rights of children. This includes examination of various provisions, guidelines, rules and laws which directly affect the sovereign rights of children.

Some of the Expert Committee constituted by the Commission in recent times are as follows:

Panel to inquire into the the reasons of delays in bail, and release of children in conflict with law and effectiveness of the legal aid available to them

The Commission in exercise of its powers under CPCR Act has initiated an inquiry to inquire into the the reasons of delays in bail, and release of children in conflict with law and effectiveness of the legal aid available to them. The Inquiry Panel is chaired by Justice Madan B. Lokur (former Judge, Supreme Court of India). Other members include Ms. Sunieta Ojha, Mr. Ajay Verma and Ms. Sneha. All three are advocates.

The Inquiry Panel shall inquire into:

a. Assessment of
--awareness of the legal proceedings and status of their cases/ inquiry among children alleged to be in conflict with law and children in conflict with law who are residing in various Observation Homes;
--duration of their stay in these institutions along with the reasons thereof;

b. Identification of issues and challenges experienced by such children in securing bail or release (where applicable) and in securing leave, quality and effectiveness of legal services available to them and their experiences with the police.

c. Demographic profile involving social, economic and educational status of the family of such children;

d. The Panel shall visit Observation Homes, interact with children, their family, and examine the case files as part of its inquiry. The report is expected by mid-February 2022.

To read the complete report kindly click here.

Expert Committee to examine the reimbursement policy under EWS/DG quota for Private Schools in Delhi

The Commission set up an expert committee to examine the criteria and amount as reimbursement disbursed to schools under Section 12(1)(c) of the Right to Education Act, as well as the process, adequacy and timeliness of the actual disbursement.

The Committee was chaired by Sh. Amit Kaushik, former MHRD Secretary & CEO, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Notification issued regarding the constitution of the Committee can be seen here.

The Committee submitted its report dated 14.07.2020 and the Commission accepted all its recommendations forwarding them to the Directorate of Education, Government of NCT of Delhi for implementation.

a. The Expert Committee has upheld the principle, methodology, and relevant calculations carried out by the Government of NCT of Delhi. However, the Committee recommended that it must be made public.

b. Noting delays on the part of private schools to file claims, and severely delayed action by the department, the Committee recommended that the process be completed in a time-bound manner.

c. The Committee has concluded that the current subsidy granted by the government for uniforms is inadequate when compared to actual expenses. Therefore, the Committee has recommended an increase of Rs 500/- per child per year for all the schools covered under the provision.

d. The Committee has further recommended that the government may extend the provision of Section 12(1)(c) to post-elementary classes, till completion of senior secondary school in order to enable students to finish their schooling from the same school.

To read the complete report kindly click here.